Alabama Amputees, Facebook Group

Alabama Amputees

This group has been developed to connect fellow amputees that live in Alabama

for the sole purpose of support and amputee education.


Thus group was not designed to replace “Facebook Amputees”, but rather, to localize the Southern members of that awesome group.

The founder of this group also feels it is important to have a National connection as well as a local one.


Alabama Amputees



1. No personal attacks on other members Will be tolerated.

2. There are no stupid questions as long as they are true and sincere. You can ask a question if it has been asked 100 times before.

3. Thus site is dedicated to serving exclusively amputees and their family members… Devotes WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

4. You may post pics of your residual limb, problems with your residual limb, and pics related to your personal amputation… BUT, please consider that some do not handle “blood & guts” well…

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Written by wmmcqueen

As I set upon my amputee journey, I find new resources almost every day, from sources of inspiration, resources available to amputees and support groups for amputees and their families alike. To me, healing is in sharing and an important part of my daily recovery. The sole purpose of the web page is to gather and share resources for amputees and their support groups!

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