Amputee Resource Meeting of Portland

Amputee Resource Meeting of Portland, An Oregon Amputee Support Group


Our Mission

We are a group of amputees of all levels and locations and we welcome people with any level of amputation to attend to meet and exchange ideas,  experiences, and encouragement with others.

The Amputee Resource Meeting

Is a peer-based support group of amputees in the Portland, Oregon area. Amputees of any level are invited to attend and participate in our group. We meet on the last Tuesday of every month @ 11 a.m., room 3, 3rd floor of the OHSU Center for Health & Healing. Our meetings are not affiliated with any particular health provider.

This group was started in 2012 because there was a need in the community where amputees could discuss their unique issues and problems with others. While Doctors, Physical Therapists, Prosthetists and other members of the health community can help us heal and progress physically, sometimes it is good to be able to discuss issues with someone who has personally been through it.

We can provide support with a “phone buddy” if someone is not able to attend the meetings. We also offer Peer Support Services to new amputees in the hospital.

On this page, you will find items that ARM members are offering to other Amputees in need of such things.  All items exchanged, will between members only, not with ARM, and ARM cannot make any warranties or guarantees of any items usefulness or serviceability.


Resource List

Here we offer resources that we have found helpful in the past.

Healthcare Options

For more information

Contact Karen Hayes, 503 320 5805

Click this link to contact the Amputee Resource Group


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