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Amputee Resource Guide Artic One

Artic One, Junior Para Triathlon

Junior Para Triathlon 3rd September 2017 @ 9.30am, Chesham Leisure Centre Artic One Foundation   (Max entries 100) Swim/Bike/Run   5-8 Years Old – 50m/800m/400m 9-10 Years Old – 50m/1000m/800m 11-12 Years Old – 100m/2000m/1200m 13-14 Years Old – 150m/3000m/1600m 15-18 Years Old – 200m/3000m/1600m   There is full flexibility for all athletes and there is an […]

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Amputee Resource Meeting of Portland

Amputee Resource Meeting of Portland, An Oregon Amputee Support Group Our Mission We are a group of amputees of all levels and locations and we welcome people with any level of amputation to attend to meet and exchange ideas,  experiences, and encouragement with others. The Amputee Resource Meeting Is a peer-based support group of amputees in the Portland, Oregon area. Amputees of […]

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Facebook Groups for Amputees

I welcome an administrator from each of these groups to submit a “group bio” sharing with others what their group is about.  If you send a bio for your group, I will set up a separate page for your group with your bio and up to 12 original photos from your group.  (including your group banner)  Submissions must be in the JPEG format, I reserve the right to edit or refuse content.

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ACCESS North Carolina

Access North Carolina Vacation and Travel Guide The ACCESS North Carolina Travel Guide contains general information about each tourist site and specific information about: Parking Types of Paths Entrances Restrooms Water fountains elevators and public telephones (if available). “For entrances that have both a ramp and steps, ACCESS North Carolina will state that the entrance has […]

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Stumps & Cranks

Stumps and Cranks, Amputee and Cycling in the UK Calling all amputees! Here is your chance to discover the joy and fun of cycling. Amputee & Cycling Organisations in the UK Amputee You won’t be surprised to know that the amputee community is a substantial one with organizations that deliver information, advice, training, and support on […]

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