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The SandPad, helps you get your freedom back!

I was reading posts in one of the Amputee Facebook Groups the other day and came across a post from an unhappy amputee.   It seems as if they had taken a vacation at the beach and had taken the advice of others to leave their crutches at home.  After all, crutch and cane tips are known to push into soft surfaces and often times leave you exhausted and frustrated. One of the responses to this post, I found quite interesting and just had to check out for myself, the SandPad.  (That’s why I love these groups, they offer not just support, but real solutions, to real problems!)

One of the responses to this post, I found quite interesting and had to check out for myself, the SandPad.  (That’s why I love these groups, they offer not just support, but real solutions, to real problems!)

After checking out their product,

I contacted the nice folks at SandPad and asked for their permission to post their product here.  The information you find here is taken directly from their web page.  I am not affiliated or sponsored by them, I just felt like this is an awesome product that needed to be shared.  After all, that is the sole purpose of this page, to gather and share resources for amputees.

You can access their website by clicking the photo below or one of the many SandPad hyperlinks throughout this post.  There are several informative videos on their page that you will want to check out and they provide links to sites where you can purchase the SandPad.

Amputee Resource Guide Sand Pad



Making the world accessible for the handiCAPABLE

The SandPad was invented by Jerry Vasilatos, who became an amputee after a subway accident. During a 2003 trip to Greece, Vasilatos couldn’t fully enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery; using crutches made it exhausting to walk through the sand, and he also couldn’t risk exposing the electronic components of his prosthesis to the sand.

Upon returning the states, Vasilatos looked for a device he could attach to his crutches that would support him while walking on sand. He could visualize the exact product he needed, but when he learned there was nothing like it available, he decided to make it himself. Vasilatos and his father A.J., an industrial designer, created the SandPad in 2007.

How It Works


The SandPad works by distributing your weight evenly on a wider, more supportive surface. It’s made out of rubber and has supportive ribs, so it can adjust to different types of terrain without causing any imbalance to the user.

Normal stem tips of crutches and canes sink right into the sand, but the wide surface of the SandPad keeps your assistive device above ground, so you’ll be able to traverse a sandy beach almost as easily as you can walk across a flat, unmoving surface using the same assistive device.

Your mobility issues don’t have to prevent you from doing the things you enjoy.

Now you can easily access your favorite beach, lay out a blanket and enjoy the scenery with friends and family.

How to Use the SandPad

Although the SandPad was originally designed to be used on beaches, it can be used anytime you need support, whether you’re walking on sand, gravel, snow, a golf course or going up and down the stairs. The SandPad is not intended for use on wet or slippery surfaces.

There are different SandPad models made specifically for canes, crutches, and walkers, and they come in 6 and 8-inch diameters. Attaching the SandPad is easy: remove the rubber tips on the ends of a crutch, cane or walker stems. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or soapy water, slip the SandPad on and it’s ready to use.


Crutch Compatibility

The SandPad™ is a universally adaptable product, designed for standard sized crutches and canes measuring 1″ inch diameter and less. For canes, less than 1” inch in diameter, please wrap the pre-sized tape insert included with your order around the end of your cane to increase diameter before attaching your SandPad™.

The 6″ inch diameter versions of the SandPad™ is recommended for users up to 300 lbs in weight. The 8″ inch diameter SandPad™ is for users over 300 lbs.

Amputee Resource Guide SandPad

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Written by wmmcqueen

As I set upon my amputee journey, I find new resources almost every day, from sources of inspiration, resources available to amputees and support groups for amputees and their families alike. To me, healing is in sharing and an important part of my daily recovery. The sole purpose of the web page is to gather and share resources for amputees and their support groups!

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